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Steiner Sports presents Signed Star Wars Memorabilia

Ever wanted a Star Wars autograph? Or signed Star Wars Posters?

If the answer was yes, now is your chance to celebrate Star Wars Day, May the 4th in style.

The TOP 50 Star Wars Blogs!

With the new sequel trilogy piquing Star Wars interest again, there are plenty of top quality Star Wars blogs on offer across the internet, so Mos Eisley Spaceport has dug deep and come up with this collection of top 50 Star Wars blogs offering regularly updated quality Star Wars content, enjoy!

Star Wars Episode VIII Production Teaser!

In a surprise move Lucasfilm and Disney have announced that principle photography has begun by way of a short teaser showing a now familiar scene.

The currently unnamed Star Wars Episode VIII, cleverly pokes fun at the end of Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens in its teaser video.

Could Kylo Ren and Rey be Luke’s kids?

Fan are still busy trying to work out the plot for The Force Awakens but one has a convincing theory for Kylo Ren and Rey being siblings…

When discussing Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens nearly all fans are convinced that Rey is Luke Skywalker’s daughter but here is a convincing case that Rey isn’t the only child of the Jedi Master.

Hilarious Outtakes From SNLs Kylo Ren Undercover Boss Sketch

When Adam Driver hosted Saturday Night Live featuring a funny sketch about Kylo Ren doing Undercover Boss, much hilarity ensued and more Kylo Ren fans were won over.

Kylo Ren went undercover to find out what his employees thought about him that worked on the Starkiller base.

What might have happened in Episode VII The Force Awakens?

Every man and his dog are talking about Star Wars The Force Awakens, even your grandmother and auntie are talking about it (probably). But your aunties facebook rants might have been very different if some of the original ideas had made it into the finished movie.

George Lucas Wont Need To Direct Episode 9 Implies Colin Trevorrow

Colin Trevorrow has responded to a petition started a few weeks ago by some Star Wars fans to bring George Lucas back to direct Episode IX.

The petition has just over 24,000 signatures at the time of writing, from fans bemoaning that The Force Awakens is A New Hope “rip-off” and showed a lack of creativity.

Episode VIII Script Getting A Rewrite For Star Wars Main Characters?

Possible rewrite to fit in Asian character and a focus on the main characters.

Rian Johnson must be a busy man right now.

He was brought on board by Lucasfilm well before The Force Awakens hit theaters so he had plenty of time to mold the overall story for Episodes 8 and 9.

Force Awakens Unlikely To Take Avatar’s Crown

According to The Hollywood Reporter, box office record-breaking The Force Awakens is unlikely to beat Avatar globally.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been at the cinema less than a month but has already more than revived the sci-fi franchise with a record-breaking $1.75 billion box-office haul. Disney and Lucasfilm’s seventh chapter in the space-opera saga has quickly notched the third-highest box-office gross of all time. And it is now on track to sink James Cameron’s 1997 adventure-romance Titanic — which earned $2.19 billion in ticket sales (including $200 million made when the film was re-released in 2012) — for the No. 2 spot.

The Force Awakens Breaks Chinese Record With $53 Million On Debut Day

Despite analysts worrying about an unpredictable market, Star Wars The Force Awakens debut in China yesterday was a success taking in $53 Million.

Is The Force Awakens a rip-off? J.J. Abrams responds…

Although most Star Wars fans gave Episode VII the thumbs-up, there is a section of fans that feel The Force Awakens mirrored Episode IV A New Hope far too closely.

Samuel L. Jackson takes a swipe at The Force Awakens

The actor who played Mace Windu has a muted opinion of new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens

While promoting The Hateful Eight on Popcorn with Peter Travers, Samuel L. Jackson was asked what he thought of the new Star Wars Movie.

Boba Fett voice actor Jason Wingreen dies

Jason Wingreen, who provided the original voice for Star Wars character Boba Fett, has died aged 95.

His son Ned told the Hollywood Reporter he died at his home in Los Angeles on Christmas Day.

George Lucas Apologizes For Comparing Disney To White Slavers

Lucas has now back-peddled after recently saying that selling Star Wars was like selling his kids to white slavers.

At its heart Star Wars is a dramatic soap opera that happens to be set in space. The story of the original trilogy focused on the Skywalker family with shocking relation revelations in the second and third films.

Lawrence Kasdan Says Star Wars Episode 8 Will Be A Weird Thing

According to Star Wars screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan, Episode VIII will be like no other Star Wars film.

Although most people will agree The Force Awakens was a lot of fun, Episode 7 had one main purpose.